Beverage can, Aerosol can, and Tube printing

The No. 1 choice for beverage can printing

Toray has been developing TORELIEF™ photopolymer printing plates since the 1960s. In the 1970’s, they had largely supplanted the metal letterpress plates that had been a mainstay of the beverage can industry until then. Today, TORELIEF™ is internationally the No. 1 choice for beverage can printing.
In pursuit of ever-higher quality, we further leveraged our silicone plate development technologies and TORELIEF™ beverage can printing expertise to develop PRIXIA™ SK-1, a waterless offset plate that enables high-resolution printing with smoother gradations for more attractive, photorealistic imaging.

CAN touch your heart, PRIXIA™

PRIXIA™ is a dry offset printing plate that has been developed to achieve even higher resolutions. By fusing our silicone plate development technologies and TORELIEF™ beverage can printing expertise, PRIXIA™ SK-1 enables to reproduce attractive and photorealistic designs with smoother gradations. Thanks to the improved image quality, it promises to revolutionize the supermarket and convenience store retail space by allowing the consistent reproduction of attractive high-impact designs that enhance the visual appeal of a wide a range of beverages and other consumer products.


Plate Type SK-1
Plate Material Steel
Plate Thickness 0.24 ㎜
Reproduction Resolution 2400/2540 dpi 250 lpi
Platemaking Method Thermal CTP

Since the 1970s, the high reproducibility and printing durability of TORELIEF™ photopolymer plates have enabled us to capture a major share in the market of printing plates for beverage and aerosol can production. In the future, we will continue to support manufacturers in a wide range of industries with high-quality products for can, tube, and package printing.


Plate Type Y/K
Plate Material Steel
Plate Thickness 0.73–0.95 mm
Reproduction Resolution 2400/2540 dpi -175 lpi
Platemaking Method Analog, CTP, DLE