Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information on this Website

Toray Industries, Inc. ("Toray" below) has great respect for user privacy. On the websites run by Toray, as well as abiding by the following Japanese laws to protect personal information, we also handle personal information with great care. Our website is run according to the following policies. Furthermore, this policy is for the handling of personal information on this website, and does not apply to the destination of links on the Toray home page or to domestic/overseas group companies. We ask that you contact each company for the policies of each group company or link destination.

1. Usage of Personal Information

As a rule, user personal information is used for providing information to the user about Toray products/services, and to improve the products and services offered by Toray. As such, if a user does not wish to be provided with information about Toray products/services, we will cease to provide this information at the user's request. Also, we will not use user's personal information acquired via this website for any other purpose than that listed above and clarified to the user.

2. Non-disclosure to Third Parties

The personal information acquired from users will not be disclosed or shared with third parties, except in each of the following circumstances.

  1. (1) When consent has been received from the user.
  2. (2) When it is necessary to disclose the information to a Toray group company so a suitable answer can be given when we are contacted by the user.
  3. (3) When we are requested to disclose the personal information for legal reasons, we will disclose it only to that public office.

3. Changing Registered Information

When there is a request from the user to change, confirm, correct, or delete the personal information provided by the user, after Toray has confirmed that the person requesting the changes is the user or someone authorized by the user, we will respond accordingly.

4. Safety Precautions

We take reasonable and appropriate safety measures in the administration of customer personal information, preventing the danger of unauthorized external access to personal information, and accidental loss, destruction, or damage of this information. We have also placed a director of information management in each department handling personal information, who manages appropriate administration of personal information, sets regulations regarding its usage, and disseminates this information to employees.

5. Revisions to this Policy

We will review and improve the content of the above items to match changes to the applicable laws regarding the handling of customer personal information.