Adhesive Film FALDA™ Polyimide Heat Cure type Adhesive FilmFALDA™

FALDA™ Polyimide thermal cure type adhesive film has been developed taking advantage of Toray’s polyimide technology and sheet processing technology, and is a film suitable for NCF(Non Conductive Film) for 3D mounting.


  1. Ideal for processing at the wafer level. (Can also be adhered to the board side)
    • Materials with high transparency are also available, making it ideal for alignment in the form of adhesive film.
    • There is no flash on the film before curing, making dicing possible.
  2. Enables easy lamination of uneven boards without bubbles.
  3. Achieves a reduction in fillet when mounting ICs.
  4. Can also support filler impregnation.


FALDA™ polyimide thermoset-type adhesive film has a cover film on both surfaces. Remove the cover film just before adhesion.

Processing Process

Lamination →Dicing →Bonding

Technology Information

Minimum Fusion Viscosity (Pa·s) 100 to 200
Reaction Start Temperature (°C) 90
Reaction Peak Temperature (°C) 180