Adhesive Film FALDA™ Epoxy Heat Cure Type Adhesive Film
Room-Temperature Storage TypeFALDA™

Achieves a long room-temperature shelf life and good processability despite being a thermoset-type resin.


  1. Superior room-temperature storage stability
    *Less that a 5% decrease in adhesive strength after storage at room temperature (23°C) for 100 days.
  2. Excellent fluidity, allowing for various processing such as lamination and pressing.
    Low tackiness for superior processability in lamination, etc.
    Low stickiness, so it will not dirty the laminating roll. The positioning can be adjusted after placing on the adherend.
    Has excellent fluidity, which allows for the selection of various processing methods such as lamination and pressing.
    Fusion behavior in response to TSA-5A temperature
    * 10°C/min temperature rise
    * This is a measurement value and not a guaranteed value.

    As the viscosity from warming rapidly drops, it can easily enter the gaps even on adherends with uneven surfaces, increasing the adhesion.

Representative Characteristics

Product No.   TSA-5A Notes
Adhesion after curing N/cm 13 N/cm Sample: PI film 75 µm/
"TSA"/35 µm electrolytic copper foil plate
5 mm width, 90° delamination
Reflow Resistance °C 260°C JEDEC LEVEL3
Glass Transition Temperature °C 80°C DMA Method
After thermosetting
Shelf Stability (MPA)
-40°C 2,000 Mpa
25°C 700 Mpa
150°C 2 MPa
Water Absorption Ratio % 1% Weight Increase Ratio after
85°C 85% RH48hr