Photodefinable Conductive Material RAYBRID™ Wiring Formation FilmRAYBRID™

RAYBRID™ film for wiring formation (DFAG) is a film with photodefinable and conductive characteristics. It offers a solution for forming refined wiring patterns on base materials that could not be formed on in the past.


  1. It is possible to transfer a pattern created on the easy delamination film with photo lithography to the desired base material.
  2. Can transfer patterns to curved base materials and edges.
  3. It is possible to transfer wiring patterns with a pitch 30 µm.
Protective Film / RAYBRID™ / Easy Release Film


DFAG has protective film on one surface. Please remove the protective film before use. Also, RAYBRID© patterns formed on the easy delamination film with heated lamination (120°C to 140°C) can be transferred.


Release (Protective Film) → Exposure → Developing/Heat Laminate → Release (Easy Release Film) → Thermosetting

Image of pattern formation on base part edge

Image of pattern formation on base part edge

Technology Information

Product Characteristics

Item Characteristics
Resolution Wiring Pattern: Line/Space = 15 µm/15 µm
Independent Pattern: Line = 15 µm
Electrical Resistance Resistivity: 100 µΩ·cm
Sheet Resistance: 0.4Ω/□
Heat Cure Conditions 140°C

Base Material Construction

Material Film Thickness
Protective film PP 40 µm
RAYBRID™ Photodefinable Conductive Material 3 to 6 µm
Easy Release Film PET 16,125 µm

The structure/characteristics data noted are representative values. As the characteristics differ by product, we will recommend the ideal product to suit the customer's application. Please contact us for details.