Photodefinable Conductive Material RAYBRID™ Paste for Metal MeshRAYBRID™

RAYBRID™ paste for metal mesh (SFAG Series) is a conductive paste with photodefinable characteristics. Toray's proprietary polymer design technology allows the formation of high-definition wiring, provides an alternative to ITO, and is used mainly for touch panel metal mesh applications, etc.


  1. High-definition wiring formation is possible with photolitho processing after coating with a slit coater.
  2. High-definition formation is possible with Toray's proprietary polymer design technology.
  3. As it has lower resistance than ITO, it is suitable for large touch panels in automobiles, etc.
  4. Because it is a material with good flexibility, is it suitable for flexible sensors.


After applying RAYBRID™ evenly to the glass or polyimide board with a slit coater, etc., form the desired pattern with photolitho. Then cure the pattern by applying a baking step of 230°C before use.


Print → Dry → Exposure → Develop → Cure Print → Dry → Exposure → Develop → Cure

Printing Method:
Slit coater
Spin coater

Drying Method:
Hot Plate

Exposure Method:
Nega Type

Developing Method:
TMAH Developing

Cure Method:
Recommended Conditions:
230°C 60 min

Refined Wiring Formation Image

Mesh Pattern
Mesh Pattern
Stripe Pattern
Stripe Pattern

Application Examples: Car navigation touch sensor

Application Examples: Car navigation touch sensor

Technology Information

Item Characteristics
Resolution Line/Space = 8 µm/8 µm Line Width = 2~4 µm
Electrical Resistance Resistivity: 30 µΩ·cm
Sheet Resistance: 0.6Ω/□@0.5 um
*Resistance value at beta film
Folding Characteristics Φ2.0mm mm
200,000 times, no change to resistance value
*Material: Polyimide 10 µm thickness
Thermoset Temperature 230°C

Visibility contrast with ITO electrode

RAYBRID Metal Mesh Electrode ITO Electrode

Fold Rating Method

Fold Rating Method
· Performed both inner and outer folding
· Material was polyimide with a thickness of 10 µm
Fold Rating Method

The structure/characteristics data noted are representative values. As the characteristics differ by product, we will recommend the ideal product to suit the customer's application. Please contact us for details.