Organic wavelength conversion sheet for LCDs

LUMIRICA™ is the world's first organic light-emitting sheet material that can contribute to the development of high-color-gamut LCDs without containing elements that are toxic to the environment.
The organic material with a sharper emission spectrum compared to conventional inorganic phosphors enables a vivid image display.


  1. Coverage of 99% or more is possible with the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) and Adobe color gamut standards.
  2. Allows for more vivid displays compared to conventional displays (using inorganic phosphors).
  3. Environmentally friendly display materials that do not contain toxic elements such as heavy metals.
  4. Our proprietary molecular design ensures a practical level of durability.

Color gamut comparison


This sheet material made with organic light-emitting materials is used for LCDs.
With its high-purity red and green light-emitting materials, it helps to widen the color gamut of TVs, monitors, signage, and other displays.

Color gamut LCD structure