Organic EL Light-emitting Material

Toray provides organic EL materials for organic EL displays, the next-generation display technology that is rapidly expanding in use thanks to its light emitting, power saving, thin/lightweight, bendability, and high contrast characteristics. Even among organic EL materials, Toray provides "electron transport materials," "hole transport materials," and "light-emitting materials."


  1. Achieves lower voltages and reduced power consumption in organic EL devices.
  2. Achieves higher efficiency of organic EL devices.
  3. Achieves longer lifetime and improved durability of organic EL devices.
  4. Achieves stability in long term high-temperature operation of organic EL devices.


Toray's organic EL materials are mainly solid powders. Organic EL devices are created by putting these materials into a deposition machine and producing a film on the substrate under vacuum/high-temperature conditions.

Organic EL device example (cross section)

This is a cross section of the typical structure of an organic EL device. The device is made by producing film on the substrate, by deposition in the order of anode, positive hole transport layer, light-emitting layer, electron transport layer, etc. When a current is applied, positive holes (+) flow from the anode and electrons (-) flow from the cathode. These combine in the light-emitting layer and give off light.

Cross Section of the Typical Organic EL Element Structure