Light-Shielding Material PHOTOBLACK™PHOTOBLACK™

PHOTOBLACK™ is a black coating material that has light-shielding properties and excellent high reliability through nano-dispersion of pigment. As a decorative ink for all cover glass, it is used in applications that require high levels of reliability, such as smartphones, laptops, automotive displays, and wearable devices.
Using our proprietary design pigment makes it possible to adjust reflected tones and transmit specific wavelengths. This enables a seamless connection between the display viewing area and frame, and makes it possible to conceal the IR sensor.
Also, by combination with inkjet or spray coating technologies, it is possible to decorate curved glass.


  1. In addition to our proprietary polymer technology and pigment design technology, fusion with nano dispersion technology provides high performance.
  2. Proven performance in a wide range of applications, typically in smartphones tablets, and automobile monitors.
  3. In addition to standard slit coating, various coating methods such as inkjet and spray are also supported.

Application Examples for Cover Glass Decoration

Touch Panel Glass
Touch Panel Glass
Curved Cover Glass
Curved Cover Glass


We can provide suggestions based on the customers' desired application/coating methods, so please contact us.


  • Application: Glass sensor decoration, cover glass decoration, IR sensor/camera concealing decoration
  • Coating Method: Spin coater, slit die, inkjet, spray, dispenser

Technology Information

  Grade Pigment Film Thickness Visible Light
Surface Resistance Chemical Resistance Application
Touch Panel
Decorative Black Ink
High Insulation/High Chemical Resistance
Carbon Black
+ Titanium Black
1.5 to 2 µm 0.01% >1015Ω/□ Good Cover Glass Frame Decoration for Touch Panels
  Grade Pigment Film Thickness Visible Light
Reflected Hue Light-resistant Application
Cover Glass
Decorative Black Ink
Standard Type Carbon Black 2 to 4 µm 0.01% Neutral Black Good Cover glass frame decoration (2D/3D)
Cover glass decoration for automobiles
Tone Black Carbon Black
+ Tone Pigment
2 to 4 µm 0.01% Blue Reflection Good
  Grade Pigment Film Thickness Visible Light
Reflected Hue Application
IR Sensor
Concealment Black Ink
Standard Type Specialty Pigment 4 µm 0.01% 85% Neutral Black All IR sensor concealment
High Transmittance Resistance Type Specialty Pigment
+ Nano Dispersion Technology
8 µm 0.01% 94% Neutral Black IR camera concealment