Coating MaterialNon-Photodefinable Polyimide SEMICOFINE™SEMICOFINE™

SEMICOFINE™ is a liquid type non-photodefinable polyimide designed to accommodate various mechanical properties required by the makers of various semiconductor and electronic component makers around the globe. With superior mechanical properties of robustness and reliability, SP-Series are being utilized by power semiconductor manufactures for more than thirty years around the globe.


  1. High reliability (mechanical properties, dielectric constant and chemical resistance)
  2. Excellent heat resistance (Over 500°C)
  3. Variety of product line-ups for maximum process versatility
    (low CTE product available)


  1. Buffer coating / Passivation for IC Chips
  2. Dielectric layers for RDL (Laser drilling compatible)
  3. Dielectric layers and cavity / MEMS formation for electronic components.

SEMICOFINE Process Example

Application Examples

Semiconductor Buffer Coating
Semiconductor Buffer Coating
Electronic Components
Electronic Components
Rewiring layer
Rewiring layer

Technology Information

Coating film characteristics

SP Series
Curing Temperature (1 hr) 320 to 350°C
Tensile Strength MPa ≥ 180
Elongation % ≥ 20
Elastic Modulus GPa 2.9 to 4.4
Linear Expansion Coefficient ppm/°C 15 to 40
Glass transition temperature (Tg) °C ≥ 283
5% weight reduction temperature °C ≥ 545