Display Related Materials for Automotive
(IR-Transmissive Black ink, Touch Sensor Panel Materials)

Contribute to the enhancement of HMI functionality

In a market where the CASE trend is prevalent, the cockpit display has become multifunctional and larger as HMI.

RAYBRID™ SFAG series, Toray Photodefinable conductive material, enables touch sensor panels with high sensitivity and operability even on large screens and curved surfaces.

In addition, it is resistant to sunlight reflection, enabling glare-free, driver- and occupant-friendly design.

For safer driving, infrared cameras for driver monitoring and infrared sensors for display panel operation tend to be more popular.

PHOTOBLACK™, Toray IR-Transmissive Black ink, enables seamless display design without apertures without compromising the functions of such cameras and sensors.

Toray offers materials for inkjet application on curved glass surfaces, and it enables seamless design matching the color of the display and its frame.

Achieving Excellent Visibility of Touch Sensor Panel 
Photodefinable Conductive Material RAYBRID™

SFAG series : Conductive Ink for Super Low Reflectance Touch Sensor


  • ■ A simple process to form fine patterns (~4μm)
  • ■ Applicable for metal mesh touch sensor electrodes
  • ■ Low reflectance touch sensor with unique blackening method

Narrow bezel metal mesh sensor

Metal mesh sensor is the capacitive touch sensor which detects the current change by numberless fine metal electrodes. These super fine electrodes are hard to recognize by human eyes which will be transparent touch sensor.
RAYBRID™ SFAG series is the photodefinable silver paste. The metal mesh electrodes pattern and trace pattern are formed at the same time by photo lithography method. High resolution patterns of line & space will provide the design of narrow bezel of display. TORAY achieved high reliability by the original developed over coat material for SFAG series, which will protect from corrosion and electro-migration of silver.

The image of metal mesh structure

Visibility was significantly improved by low reflectance technology

The touch sensor panel has multiple layers and reflects at the interface between each layer. By forming the metal mesh electrodes using RAYBRID™ SFAG series, you can lower the reflection compared to common ITO touch sensors. Moreover, by blackening the surface of the metal mesh electrodes, you can further reduces the reflectance at the interface. Combination of the original over coat material, which refractive index is matched to that of glass substrate, the reflectance <0.1 % will be possible.

Traditional tech. : ITO touch sensor New tech. : Super low reflectance touch sensor
The beautiful black color provides a high-quality design.
Light-Shielding Material PHOTOBLACK™

3D Glass Decoration


  • ■ Inkjet coating of the curved surface cover glass is possible.
  • ■ Solves the problems of inkjet coating such as "straightness", "flatness" and "blur".
  • ■ Excellent light resistance.

Smooth decoration on curved cover lens

PHOTOBLACK™ is a black ink for cover lens decoration. It can be used for inkjet printing of flat and blur-free lines or curves on curved surfaces by physical flow control. In addition to inkjet printing, spray coating is also available.
The unique material design provides excellent light resistance.

Curved (3D) Glass Decoration (Inkjet printing)

Seamless Decoration


  • ■ Achieved a high level of color matching by combining positive and diffuse reflections through pigment miniaturization and color-matching technology.
  • ■ Achieves seamless design by matching the color of the display area and the frame area.
  • ■ Compatible with various printing methods (slit coating, spin coating, inkjet coating, spray coating)

Controls light reflection for seamless displays

By combining refractive index control technology with pigment miniaturization and color-matching technology, Photo Black can adjust the positive/diffuse reflections of light.

By matching the light reflection of the frame with that of the display, a seamless design is possible.

IR-Transmissive Black


  • ■ Black decoration ink for IR cameras and IR sensors hiding
  • ■ High infrared transmittance and high visible light blocking (0.01 %)

IR-Transmissive Black can achieve excellent design for stealth sensor.

PHOTOBLACK™ IR-Transmissive Black is the ink for hiding infrared cameras and sensors, which has both jet-black color and excellent infrared transmittance due to our unique pigment dispersion technology.
With its low haze value, it can be used for hiding infrared cameras that require high-definition images. The midnight black color makes it excellent in design.

Conventional structure
(Conventional IR-Transmissive INK+Black Ink)
PHOTOBLACK™ IR-Transmissive Ink

High IR-transmittance and visible light hiding properties

It satisfies the transmittance of 85 % or higher, which is generally said to be necessary for infrared cameras and sensors to recognize subjects.
It also has excellent hiding power for visible light below 770 nm.

Transmission Spectrum *Black Ink + Glass