Adhesive Film FALDA™FALDA™

FALDA™ is an adhesive film for electronic components/semiconductors with proven performance in a wide range of applications.
Toray's adhesive film is available in epoxy/polyimide (photodefinable/non-photodefinable) types.


  1. The adhesive layer is film, achieving an even film thickness.
  2. It can handle a wide range of applications depending on customers' needs.
  3. Proven performance in applications in the electronic components and semiconductor fields.
  4. Product lineup by application [epoxy/polyimide (photodefinable/non-photodefinable)].

Product Cross Section

FALDA™ has a cover film.
Peel the film from one or both surfaces just before application.

Correlation Diagram

Product Specifications

Basic specifications of the mass produced product are as follows. Please contact us for other information or requirements.

Item Epoxy Thermoset Type Polyimide Photodefinable Type Polyimide Thermoset Type (NCF)
Adhesive Thickness (µm) 20 to 100 15 to 50 10 to 40
Cover Film Types PET, PP PET, PE PET
Product Width (mm) up to 500 up to 500 up to 500

FALDA™ Type Lineup