Acrylic RGB Material

Toray's color resist materials are materials for color filters (CF) that have high luminance, high color reproduction range, thin film, high CR, and high reliability characteristics. To meet customers' needs, we will provide solutions from color simulation to process technology.


  1. Achieves high performance through particle dispersion technology and resin design technology.
  2. A wide lineup, also supporting low temperature post-bake.
  3. Proven performance and reliability as a CF product for touch panels used by major manufacturers.
  4. Low volume products suitable for medium and small applications are also available.
  5. Having a CF production line enables material design that takes advantage of process know-how.


We will customize according to customers' needs. We offer color resist materials that can be used in various applications, not limited to CF materials. Please contact us for details.

Technology Information

  • Liquid crystal displays
  • Reflective displays (signage/smartwatches)
  • Proven performance with White-OLED, etc.
  • Standard CF Type
  • Low Temperature Post-bake Type