Plastic Optical Fiber RAYTELA™RAYTELA™

Toray Fiber RAYTELA™ is a plastic optical fiber made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), a general purpose resin. Making full use of the lightweight and flexible characteristics of plastic optical fiber, it is widely used in lighting applications, medical applications, automotive applications, communications applications, and industrial applications.


A multimode/step index optical fiber with low loss and high reliability. The polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) that makes up the core portion uses a clean polymer made with integrated manufacturing from monomer through to fiber production. A special fluorine containing polymer is used for the cladding.


Plastic Optical Fiber Applications

Convey digital signals
  • Audio applications
  • FA (FACTORY AUTOMATION - factory internal communication) applications
  • Automobile internal communication applications
  • In-home communication applications
Convey light
  • Decoration/Lighting applications
  • Imaging applications (fiber screen, etc.)
  • Industrial applications
    · Light guide (optical inspection)
    · Sensors
  • Medical applications
  • AudioAudio
  • Photoelectric sensorsPhotoelectric sensors
  • Automobile internal signalsAutomobile internal signals
  • FAFA