High-performance Coating Material PHOTOCLEAR™PHOTOCLEAR™

PHOTOCLEAR™ is a coating material excelling in heat resistance and chemical resistance while having high transparency.
It is used widely as an insulation layer/protective film material for touch panels, and flattening film material for TFT array.
Using our proprietary design siloxane resin allows for a combination of high heat resistance, high light resistance, high transparency, and high hardness.
Through combining polymer technology and nanoparticle dispersion technology, we are developing refractive index adjustment materials and glass reinforcement materials, etc.

Touch Panel Application Examples

Touch Panel Application Examples


  1. Our proprietary resist design technology produces superior pattern processability and high reliability.
  2. Using our proprietary design siloxane resin allows for a combination of high heat resistance and transparency.
  3. Proven performance in a wide range of applications, typically in smartphones, automobiles, and computers.
Features of Siloxane Resin


We can provide suggestions based on the customers' desired application/coating methods, so please contact us.


  • Application: Touch panel insulation layer/protective film, TFT flattening film, glass reinforcement, refractive index adjustment layers
  • Coating Method: Spin coater, slit die, inkjet, spray, dispenser

Technology Information

  Protective film/insulation film applications
Standard Type High Heat Resistance Type High Refractive Index Type Low Temperature Curing Type
Resin/Photodefinable Type Acrylic Negative Siloxane Positive Acrylic Negative Siloxane Negative
Baking Conditions 230°C × 30 min 230°C × 60 min 230°C × 30 min 120°C × 30 min
Resolution 20 µm 5 µm 20 um 20 um
Transmittance (@2 µm) 98% 98% 95% 98%
Refractive Index 1.52 1.52 1.6 to 1.7 1.52
Pencil Hardness 2H to 4H F to 2H F to 2H F to 2H