Supported by research and development strengths built up over many years in the synthetic fiber and plastic fields, Toray is always at the forefront as a pioneer, continuing to challenge new material fields. One success borne of the extensive material development technology in which Toray takes pride is the high-performance ceramic, TORAYCERAM™.


High Purity
Extremely low possibility of contamination by impurities that would affect the characteristics of the substance being dispersed, such as Fe2O3, SiO2, and MgO
High Strength
The strength of zirconia ceramic with stable tetragonal crystals is high, and the danger of breakage/chipping is extremely low
High Precision
The mixture of deformed beads, such as those with elliptical/dumbbell shapes, is extremely low, increasing the crushing/dispersion efficiency
High Density
The highest specific gravity (over 6.00) of ceramics, making it excellent for crushing/dispersion
Not easily eroded, so contamination of the material being crushed or dispersed by the beads can be minimized
High Toughness
Has the highest industry level of toughness, with a fracture toughness of over twice that of alumina
High Erosion Resistance
The surface is smooth and has excellent resistance to erosion, providing stability and efficiency in production