Photodefinable Conductive Material RAYBRID™ Wiring Formation PasteRAYBRID™

RAYBRID™ paste for wiring formation (LCAG Series, HRAG Series) is a conductive paste with photodefinable properties. Toray's proprietary polymer design technology allows the formation of high-definition wiring, and is used mainly for touch panel wire routing, etc.


  1. High-definition wiring formation is possible with photolitho processing after coating with screen printing.
  2. As it is a photodefinable material, highly refined patterning is possible.
  3. As the curing temperature is low and it has high flexibility, it is suited for wiring formation on film boards.
  4. Compared to conventional pattern processes using photo resist, there are fewer steps and the process can be simplified.


After applying RAYBRID™ paste for wiring formation evenly to the board with screen printing, form the desired pattern with photolitho. Then sinter the pattern by applying a heat curing step of 140°C or above before use.


Print → Dry → Exposure → Develop → Cure Print → Dry → Exposure → Develop → Cure

Print Method:
Screen printing

Dry Method:
Oven, IR

Exposure Method:
Contact, UV exposure

Develop Method:
Alkali development

Cure Method:
Oven, IR

Trace Pattern Image

Trace Pattern Image

Application Examples: Smartphone touch sensor

Smartphone touch sensor

Technology Information

Product Characteristics

Item Characteristics
Resolution Wiring Pattern: Line/Space = 10 µm/10 µm to 30 µm/30 µm
Electrical Resistance Resistivity: 30 to 80 µΩ·cm
Sheet Resistance: 0.05 to 0.5 Ω/□
Heat Cure Conditions 140°C