Photodefinable Conductive Material RAYBRID™ Paste for Electronic ComponentsRAYBRID™

RAYBRID™ paste for electronic components (FHAG Series) is a conductive paste that has photodefinable characteristics. Toray's proprietary polymer design technology allows for the formation of high-definition thick film wiring, used mainly for electrode applications in electronic components.


  1. High-definition wiring formation is possible with photolitho processing after coating with screen printing.
  2. High-definition and thick wiring formation is possible with Toray's proprietary polymer design technology.
  3. By suppressing pattern shrinkage, it can be used even in high-heat sintering conditions exceeding 850°C.
  4. Suppressing the volatilization of solvents as much as possible during screen printing makes customer adjustment of viscosity unnecessary during the printing process.


After applying RAYBRID™ evenly to the board with screen printing, etc., form the desired pattern with photolitho. Then sinter the pattern by applying a baking step of 800°C or above before use.


Print → Dry → Exposure → Develop → Cure Print → Dry → Exposure → Develop → Cure

Print Method:
Screen printing

Dry Method:
Oven, IR

Exposure Method:
Contact exposure

Develop Method:
Alkali development

Cure Method:
Sintering Furnace

Formation Pattern Image

Formation Pattern Image

Technology Information

Product Characteristics

Item Characteristics
Resolution Line/Space/Thickness = 15 µm/15 µm/10 µm
Electrical Resistance Resistivity: < 3.0 µΩ·cm
Sheet Resistance: < 0.03 Ω/□@0.5 um
Sintering Temperature 850°C

The structure/characteristics data noted are representative values. As the characteristics differ by product, we will recommend the ideal product to suit the customer's application. Please contact us for details.