Scintillator Pixelated scintillator

By molding Barrier rib between each pixel of the sensor, Toray's proprietary "Pixelated scintillator" makes sharp and high-quality X-ray imaging possible. It shows great promise for use in X-ray testing in medical and industrial fields.


[High MTF] In standard X-ray imaging, the image is blurred because the visible light converted from X-rays by the scintillator is diffused. By molding Barrier rib between each pixel, diffusion of the visible light is prevented, providing a clear image without blurring. It is particularly ideal for mammography applications, high-resolution non-destructive testing applications, and high-energy non-destructive testing applications.

Comparison of Methods

Comparison of Methods



  • Mammography
  • High-resolution Non-destructive Testing
  • High-energy Non-destructive Testing


Can be used in combination with an X-ray detector (indirect conversion-type) sensor.
We will offer the ideal specifications in scintillator size, pixel pitch, and thickness to fit the detector and application.
We also perform alignment with the sensor and the adhering procedure, so please do not hesitate to contact us.