Adhesive Film FALDA™ Polyimide High Heat Resistance Temporary Adhesive Film (Development Product)FALDA™

FALDA™ polyimide high heat resistance temporary adhesive film is an ultra-high heat-resistant polyimide adhesive tape.
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*TBDB (Temporary Bonding De-Bonding)


  1. An ultra-high heat-resistant polyimide tape using polyimide adhesive.
  2. There is less adhesive transfer to the adherend when compared to silicone adhesives.
  3. Supports room-temperature lamination and room temperature delamination.
  4. A product lineup suitable for protection and transportation of electronic components.

Product Cross Section

TBDB Tape Structure
TBDB Tape Structure


TBDB has cover film on one surface. Remove the cover film just before lamination.

[Process] Cover film removal > Lamination

Technology Information

Item Product Specifications/Features
Film Thickness 12.5 to 125 µm
Heat resistance (1% weight reduction) 400°C or more
Lamination/Release Can support room temperature