Adhesive Film FALDA™ Epoxy Heat Cure Type Adhesive FilmFALDA™

FALDA™ epoxy thermal cure type adhesive film has various features, such as high heat resistance, high elongation, and stress alleviation. Our ample product lineup offers the ideal products for customers.


  1. Allows for easy thickness control, something difficult with liquid adhesives.
  2. As it is in film form, it supports punching and laser processing.
  3. Supports various processing methods, such as pressing and laminate processing.
  4. Has excellent stress mitigation, making it ideal for adhering disparate materials with differing CTE.
  5. It has good elongation and also embeds itself well in irregularities, so is ideal for implementation/fabrication of electronic components.


FALDA™ Epoxy thermal cure type adhesive film has a cover film on both surfaces. Remove the cover film just before adhesion.

Application Examples

Application Examples
FALDA High Heat Resistance Adhesive Film